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Hello! My name is Danyelle. I was lucky and always had long natural lashes - but who doesn't love the glam, extremely easy look of eyelash extensions? I had them for almost 2 years without break - but they did a number on my natural lashes. Not only was it getting expensive getting fills every 2-3 weeks, but I decided I needed to take them off last fall when my fills were becoming thinner and thinner, and I was worried about how my natural lashes were holding up - my lashes have always been blonde and fine - and was devastated to see how short and thinned they had become after they were removed. Even 6 months later, they have come back a fraction of what they used to be and growing in at different angles.

I made a hilarious attempt with mascara - but, that doesn't help when you don't have much to work with anymore - so I tried a few brands of magnetic lashes but they would fly off when riding, were itchy, and just uncomfortable. I then came across the Tori Belle line and heard great reviews from people I actually knew - even wearing them all day around the barn with ease. They have a variety of length and fullness options, making it easy to 'dress down' or 'glam up!' They stay on like glue, but without the mess, simply apply in one of three ways (and everyone has their preference!) of either magnetic eyeliner, magnetic mascara, or the magnetic anchors, depending on the style of lashes you prefer. My lashes are on the road to recovery - and I plan to continue using these everyday!

I signed up to be a Rep for this company because I firmly believe they are one of the best options out there. I have extremely sensitive skin and eyes and these are comfortable all day - whether running around a farm doing photoshoots, a walk on a windy beach, or just day-to-day! Let me know if you have any questions!

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Applied with Magnetic Liner

Ladies Night

Applied with Anchors


Applied with Anchors

Application Methods

Magnetic Mascara

For me, this is the easiest method for when you start out!


Personally, I like to do a few layers of my normal mascara to get my lashes nice and spread out, then apply the magnetic mascara - otherwise it makes my fine lashes clump and its harder for the magnets to attach.

NOTE: You will need a good oil-based makeup remover (waterproof makeup remover) to get the magnetic mascara off. It is definitely made for all day wear!

Magnetic Eyeliner

Great method if you are used to having thicker eyeliner, or you don't have much in the natural eyelash department. And the quickest method!


NOTE: You will need a good oil-based makeup remover (waterproof makeup remover) to get the magnetic mascara off. It is definitely made for all day wear!

Magnetic Anchors

My personal go-to application method! This is best for the active person - sweat, wind and rain, with this method they don't budge! I use three anchors per eye - one on each end, and one on the middle. 

For this method I got the hang of doing it without the plastic tweazers, and just using my hands. It takes practice. 

Tips & Tricks


Question: When using the magnetic eyeliner, the ends of my lashes keep popping up. 

Answer if it happens during/soon after application: The first thing to check is make sure you either A) let it dry completely or B) put on at least two coats. Also make sure the line on your eyelid is as thick as the magnet.

Answer if they tend to pop up during the day:  Everyone's eyes are a different size - they come from the factory at the 'larger' size, so you may need to just trim them down a size. Note, you do not need to do this if you use the magnetic mascara or anchors

Question: My lashes seem to have lost their magnet-ivity!


Answer: Keep the magnets of your lashes clear of makeup residue. Before re-applying your lashes, be sure to check each magnet. Even a small amount of residual makeup can keep them from making a good connection! This is usually only an issue if you use the eyeliner method.

Question: What was the makeup remover pen that you mentioned in your videos above? 

Answer: Check out these options! HERE Bartells also sells one by ELF and Sephora has their own makeup remover pen as well. 

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