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Hello! My name is Danyelle, and, well horses have always been a part of my life! I was always that horse crazy kid growing up - I never wanted to leave the barn. I started taking riding lessons before Kindergarten. My first horse was given to me by my grandfather before he passed away; she was a stunning buckskin mare. It was the greatest gift I could have ever received. Growing up with my own horse has shaped the person I am today, teaching me patience, respect, and responsibility.  I wouldn't trade it for the world!


Over time, I began getting into the computer craze. I started off with a freel photo editing software, and worked for a local equine photographer editing pictures from horse shows. From there I started experimenting with ads, flyers and other advertising materials. Then the thought crossed my mind… why not make it a business? I started On the Rail Graphics in 2008. The name was derived from a term that is commonly used in the equine industry. You show off all you've got when you're 'on the rail.'


In 2012, I made my business official and changed the name. I love shooting in natural light, and getting the halo glow - that a client once called a magical look. Well, my heart horse's registered name is The Magic Look - so how fitting was that?

I continued growing Magic Look while I attended the University of Washington and graduated in 2014 with a BA in Media and Communications. After graduating I did photography and graphic design full time until I took a job at Sierra Construction as their Marketing Coordinator in 2015. 

These days I do Magic Look Photo & Design part time. I continue to work nights and weekends because I truly love what I do - and of course, fund my own equines!