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Fine Art   & Creative Sessions

These sessions can utilize natural light or our LED studio lights. Can be a combination of fine art background choices.
Prices are per horse; inquire for multiple.

Classic Fine art

•  30 minute equine-only session

  Combination of head portraits & full body portraits

  2 tack setups
  12 fine art style images
•  Indoor or outdoor sessi
  Images delivered via online
   $50 product credit


Gold Leaf

  Up to 1 hour application of Magic Look supplied food-grade gold or silver foil

 30 minute equine-only session

Combination of head & full body portraits
  1 tack setup

10 fine art style images
Images delivered via Keepsake Case + USB
 product credit


** Special Note **

Gold Leaf sessions are only offered
July -September. Horse must have a show coat or be body clipped for this session

Your Creative Idea

Want to try something unique?

Perhaps holi-powder or smoke bombs,
indoors or outdoors?
 Let us create a custom package depending on what you envision for your horse!


Have multiple people interested at one location the same day? Be sure to check out our special Group Rates.


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