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Marketing  & Promotional Sessions

Professional Lighting Setup add-on of $75 is required for these sessions inside an enclosed arena, or after dark
Prices are per horse. However, inquire for a multiple horse discount.


•  15 minute session

  1 tack setup (i.e. halter, full western tack, etc.)

  2 side profiles, 3/4 angle & head portrait
  Outdoor or black background
  6 images via online gallery



•  15 minute session

  1 discipline/rider (i.e. longline, pleasure, etc.)

  Includes a tacked, standing side profile 
  6 images via online gallery



•  45 minute session

  Includes both Conformation and Performance Promo sessions

  12 images via online gallery


Complete Marketing

The all inclusive equine marketing session!

  1 hour session

  5 conformation images; with or without tack

  5 performance images; under saddle, longeline or at-liberty

  3 black background images

  13 images via online gallery

  Equine Ad Design


Have multiple people interested at one location the same day? Be sure to check out our special Group Rates.


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