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2020 NWCC Directory
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About the Directory

The Northwest Coordinating Committee (NWCC) directory is produced annually and provides NWCC (and its members) an opportunity to celebrate its year end award winners, upcoming show dates, club member’s names and contact information, as well as information on member clubs. The NWCC directory is also an advertising opportunity for Paint Horse enthusiasts to advertise club show dates, stallions, trainers, trailer and tack stores. Copies are direct mailed to NWCC members and advertisers; the remainder are distributed throughout the Pacific Northwest at shows of all breeds, tack and feed shops, and at the APHA World shows and APHA convention. Ads will also be shared on NWCC's public Facebook page for additional exposure!

Have a recommendation for where we should deliver directories to, such as a feed store, tack shop or event? Please let us know

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2019 NWCC Directory
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2018 NWCC Directory
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2017 NWCC Directory

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Ad Submission Guidelines

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Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"

Live Area: 8.25" x 10.75"

Bleed: 9" x 11.5"

1/2 Page: 5.25" high x 8.25" wide (no bleed)

1/4 Page: 5.25" high x 4" wide (no bleed)

1/8 Page: 2.6" high  x 4" wide  (no bleed)

Booklet is saddle stitched and printed with 100# Gloss Cover, and 80# Gloss Text Pages

Ad Design

Magic Look is available to design your ad for you at a discounted rate of $100 per page (normal rate is $200 per page).


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